FIFA World Football Museum

The FIFA Museum in Zurich wants to make a positive difference. Event ideas were collected in the community with the goal of not only becoming a “world-class” soccer museum, but also an attractive and leading venue for events in Switzerland. More than 200 ideas resulted in more than 20 exciting and customer-oriented concepts that are guaranteed to make an impression.

“The community helped us to collect inspiring ideas and to develop attractive event concepts”

Oliver Vrieze, Commercial Director, FIFA Museum AG

Biella Schweiz

We wanted to learn first-hand what the end customers currently require for organizational assistance or what is lacking in their ability to efficiently complete their daily administrative tasks. We asked questions and received answers. The sheer diversity of the more than 225 ideas we received both impressed and inspired us – and we’ve even been able to implement the first few projects.

“As a manufacturer, we often have no direct contact with the end customers; this makes the knowledge gained from the unfiltered customer requirements all the more valuable to us.”

Marco Arrigoni, CEO, Biella Group

MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG

MAN Diesel & Turbo Schweiz AG was seeking external experts and unconventional thinkers to provide ideas and concepts involving the topic of “compressors of the future”. We worked together with MAN to develop a very specific and demanding target profile and to recruit 16 suitable experts. 57 solution proposals were submitted within a few weeks and were also enriched with more than 160 comments. The most interesting approaches were added to the development process within R&D and their feasibility was investigated.

“The community helped us to change our conventional mode of thinking and allow new ideas to flow into the traditional development process with a very short time period.”

Patrik Meli, Vice-President of Engineering in Zurich, MAN Diesel & Turbo AG

Davos Klosters

We collaborated with Destination Davos Klosters and its customers to seek out unique products, offers and events to attract new customers to the resort. The involvement of various stakeholders in the innovation process makes it possible to recognize and evaluate the heterogeneous needs of the market even better.

“The involvement of the different stakeholders in the innovation process is indispensable and necessary if we are to recognize the market requirements as the origin of innovations.”

Reto Branschi, CEO, Destination Davos Klosters


Both the “peach” and “rhubarb” varieties of the Rivella soft drink were developed together with Rivella and its consumers. More than 800 ideas were turned into more than 30 concepts together with Rivella in a customer workshop.

“We feel better knowing that other people have been involved in the thought process.”

Erland Brügger, CEO, Rivella AG